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  Frequently Asked Questions / Help
  1. What is IranOilGas Network? What does it have to do with is sponsored by IranOilGas Network. The Network’s ‘Job’ link was available to all for a number of years. The ‘Job’ proved to be a very popular sector with great many visitors, particularly the job seekers. That is why it has now been decided that an independent website be created for it. 
  2. Is IranOilJobs.Com totally free?
    It is 100% free for job seekers, but employers have to pay for placing their Vacancy Ad on the website.

  3. So how much does it cost to place my company’s job Vacancy Ad on
    It depends on the space required for the Vacancy Ad; contact our Customer Services for details.

  4. How do I pay for a Vacancy Ad on
    Different ways, our Customer Services will guide you after you decide to place your Vacancy Ad on the website.

  5. I want to place a Vacancy Ad on How do I proceed?
    It is easy and no registration is required. You only need to create a Microsoft Office Word Document and write in it the details of your job Vacancy and send it to info@IranOilJobs.Com

  6. Can I post my Vacancy Ad without letting anyone see my Company’s name?
    Yes. IranOilJobs has the capability to receive your posted Vacancy Ad anonymously. No one will see your company name under the Vacancy Ads.
  7. Can I send my company profile along with my vacancy file?
    Yes. In fact this will be to your interest. IranOilJobs will create a page for your company for free, which can be browsed by visitors.

  8. What items should my Vacancy Document file contain?
    It should contain the job title, its description, general details of your requirement(s) and the contact details needed by the applicant(s). 

  9. What should my Company Profile Document file contain?
    Any piece of write up that can best describe your company and could be used on your company’s profile page. The file should also include your company logo. 

  10. I browsed IranOilJobs vacancies and I found my desired job. How do I apply for it?
    Use the information provided in “Contact Details” box to contact the company. Please don’t contact IranOilJobs to apply for a job. 

  11. I want to advertise my Company's Website on What should I do?
    You can place your company’s advertising banner on IranOilJobs on the basis of an agreement with the website. Please contact our Customer Services. 


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